"Whizzer", Skyhawk Association Founder

Morris Davis "Whizzer" White

Morris Davis White, DDS
Skyhawk Association Founder
Sailor playing TAPS

11 DEC 2007
“Whiz passed away at 0330 this morning, Tuesday, 11 December. He has fought a good fight for a long time against cancer, but it finally took him West. I talked to him a couple of weeks ago, and no one would have ever suspected that there was anything wrong with him.  Whiz started this SKYHAWK ASSOCIATION business back during the Hard Times after HOOK 91, and he was there to help carry it through some early hard times in the Association.  Whiz knew everybody in the known universe, and he was a Force of Nature. GB Whiz, and throw a nickel on the grass.”
Long-time friend and noted author Jack “Youthly Puresome” Woodul.

A memorial service was held at the Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport LA. on Friday, December 21, 2007:
"A glorious morning, sun, blue sky, flowers in bloom .. a perfect day for a memorial to celebrate the life of a beloved shipmate, friend and family member ... not the timing nor manner of his death. The Broadmoor Baptist church is big and easily accommodated the large body of friends, associates, clients and folks from all walks who knew the "Whiz", Dave White. Most were unaccustomed to hearing him called 'Whizzer' ... many asked where/how he got the nickname. Lots were friends from school days, fraternity members, patients etc. All obviously loved him for the manner in which he touched their lives and the joy, laughter and smiles that accompanied him. The same qualities all of us recall as being an intimate part of our own associations with Whizzer.
The service was planned by 'Miz" Becky, Debbie, Danny and friends.. It was nicely considered, including different remembrances of Whizzer from one's personal experience. All were well thought, and each presented vividly-held verbal portraits of Whiz as viewed from the different perspectives. Touching, humorous, and good. Certainly the type program he would have liked. I wore my uniform ... it felt good! My attempt was to bring across the Dave White I saw and knew as his XO/CO in VA-94 on successive V'Nam tours on Ranger and Enterprise, '64/'65/'66 - the part of his life that his Shreveport friends never experienced. But with the common thread being his personality, the laughter and fun that was his trademark. Whizzer's founding of Skyhawk Association, the "First Trap" plaques he personally made, his other extra-Navy efforts; all were brought to the attention of the folks who loved Whizzer, as all of us did.
The memorial service was special. Son, Danny, in his Delta Airlines uniform, as 'master of ceremonies', was joined by several close friends and known community/church members; daughter Debbie; her Eagle Scout son, Dave Terral, and Danny's little boy 'Jake' - who read "High Flight", and myself.
I spoke of our Navy time together, and our special association after he left the service. And I tried to bring to his civilian friends the side(s) of Whizzer they never experienced. A beautiful song, composed for Whizzer some years ago and sung by a lovely, and greatly talented, young lady rounded out the fine ceremony.
Perhaps, for many, a unique point was description of how the Stars and Stripes ... only days prior to this memorial event ... came to be specially flown over USS Enterprise, on station in the Mid-East war. And how they came to be delivered in time for this memorial service. Made possible by the extraordinary efforts of ex-CNO Adm. Jim Holloway III, skipper of Enterprise in 1965, when we took her to war for the first time, and by her current commanding Officer, Captain Ronald Horton ...(one more example of how the real Navy looks after its own!)
It was a privilege for me to be with him during his final days ...and to be a part of this tribute to the "Whiz".
All the best, A-4s Forever!"


1964-65Whizzer and BuNo 147736


JAN 1965

FEB 1966 Whizzer and BuNo 149515

APR 1966

"Meritorous Public Service Award" presented to SA Founder "Whizzer" White by RADM E. Boyington

"Whizzer" at FEB 2007 Dallas Board Meeting

Whizzer Coming Home! Navy Photo from Whizzer.


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