Blade's LOST-D (List of Ship to-Do)


Items with dashes through text indicate total or partial completion.

  1. Convert site to Composer Compliance

  2. Perform all Updates via Composer-Frequent and ongoing.

  3. Create Menu entry for Gabby's Histories.

  4. Clean data from Gabby's gigantic spreadsheet to reduce errors. Uploaded!

  5. Create Menu entry for Journal Index.
    1. Clean data from Raven's Excel file for upload to site to reduce errors and create proper data format for uploading to site.
    2. Create new procedures for uploading future Journals to website and share with Hide.

  6. Association Photos.
    1. Protect photos with lettering and watermarking.
    2. Align photos so they don't look like raggedy-assed Marines. I agree with Jigger on this one.

  7. Solicit member recommendations for both. In progress.

  8. Learn Atom Editor-Ongoing Forever.

  9. Disable second database and Views Database Connector to increase performance of the site.

  10. Create new page for YouTube Videos.

  11. Create new user fields to allow for all members to input their info and approve or disapprove of receiving emails from other dues paying members.

  12. Create a page for new members to register online. This will have a verification associated with it to reduce robots from spamming the site.

  13. Use Board Members as Guinea Pigs to test methods in order to reduce member confusion once this new information is uploaded and will then require member verification.

  14. Create pages to allow logged in members to directly email other members without divulging the email of the person receiving the e-mail.

  15. Rearrange all Staff member communications to eliminate e-mail trolling.

  16. Need somebody to revisit all Journals from 1995 until the second Journal in 2004 and create a spreadsheet with Authors, Article names, etc to be included here.

  17. Create this page. Update when necessary to add member recommendations.

  18. Your Desire Here?
Items with dashes through text indicate total or partial completion.

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