Paul Galanti


LTJG Paul Edward Galanti and "WHO packed your chute?"

POW Flag
17 JUN 1966

Paul Galanti's Web Site.

June 17, 1966:
VA-216 A-4C Skyhawk BuNo. 149528, NP 693, was shot down over North Vietnam. The pilot, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Paul E. Galanti, ejected, was captured by the North Vietnamese, and made a Prisioner Of War. LT Galanti was released at the end of the war.

Nov 1965: LTJG Paul Galanti and Black Diamonds Skyhawk BuNo 148442, VA-216 NP-694, topside on the USS Hancock at Pearl Harbor.

JUN 2006: BuNo 148543 displayed as Paul Glanti's VA-216 bird 148442. Picture taken at the dedication ceromony at the musuem where it ws restored to its VA-216 colors. Paul attended the event. by Nick Monopoli.

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