Kuwait Skyhawks in Gulf War


The Invasion of Kuwait (Iraq-Kuwait War), and the subsequent "Desert Shield", and "Desert Storm" War


16 JAN 1991 - "Desert Storm": "Desert Shield" becomes "Desert Storm". Kuwait Skyhawks fly with the Royal Saudi Air Force as the "Free Kuwatii Air Force" and in 1361 sorties lose one Skyhawk on 17 JAN 1991.

02 AUG 1990: Iraq invades Kuwait. Two A-4KU Skyhawks respond and straf an Iraq armored column of the al-Medinah al-Munawera Division.

Kuwait combat records show three Iraqi helicopters shot down by Skyhawks during the early morning hours of the 2nd of August.

03 and 04 AUG 1990: Kuwaiti Skyhawks are forced to operate from highways for two days after their air base runways are bombed. During their final operations in Kuwait, three Skyhawks are damaged and left at the AB. Kuwait states a total of four are lost. Last mission out of Ahmad al-Jaber Air Base by a Skyhawk was early on the 4th of AUG. When their Kuwaiti base is over-run, 5 Skyhawks were destroyed: (1 A-4 crashes on the night exit, 4 others were destroyed by the attacking Iraqi forces). 24 surviving KAF Skyhawks fly to Saudi Arabia and are based at King Abdul Aziz AB near Dhahran. Some are able to fly missions over Kuwait the afternoon of the 4th.

07 AUG 1990 - "Desert Shield": The United States of America moves troops into Saudi Arabia on a defensive mission to aid Saudi Arabia.

11 AUG 1990: Iraqi completes the occupation of Kuwait by sealing Kuwait's border with Saudi Arabia.

Post invasion:

Iraqi forces report capturing five KAF Skyhawk Aircraft.

17 Jan 1991
A-4KU BuNo. 160207/KAF-828 was shot down by a radar guided SAM and pilot Lt. Col. Mohammed "Mo" Al Mubarak was taken prisoner.

Kuwatii Skyhawks sighted in Saudi Arabia during "Desert Storm":

#801 = 160180

#802 = 160181

#807 = 160186

#809 = 160188

AND we have a photo, by our count, of at least 12 more A-4KUs in Saudi Arabia.

Youtube Video with a short view of A-4KU #814  BuNo 160193 in Saudi Arabia.

28 FEB 1991: Desert Storm ends with the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

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