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Our company is also a USN (Ret.) owned and operated custom model company. Commander Hank Morrison USN (Ret.), was with VP-17 and flew P-3’s. He was also the UC-12 Station Pilot for NAS Cubi Point, Subic Bay Philippines. Hank is our Head of Production and Co-Owner/Founder of Factory Direct Models - FDM, an industry leader for over 20+ years.

We know there are plenty of terrible models out there so I wanted to introduce to you our company, (if you don’t already get your custom models from us). The above client was from VA-45 off the USS Intrepid. If you’re at San Diego Int’l airport, note the Centennial of Naval Aviation display there, those models are made by Factory Direct Models too.

We (Factory Direct Models –FDM) custom creates the most EXACT museum quality and details custom models in hand carved mahogany. The best part of it unlike the outsourcers that have never seen the plane and make you a “toy”, we make your plane EXACT, right from the Douglas OEM drawings in scale and dimensions EXACTLY the way you want it, just like your REAL plane. The other best part of it, not only do we do the most EXACT museum qualities, we also do it in the shortest production time in the industry. What we do in 8 weeks or less for our Grayed out windows Standard Premium desktop model, the outsourcers take 6-12 months or longer in lesser quality and details than FDM. This is why no one does a better custom model at competitive pricing than FDM. By the way we also seal these in multiple layers of Clear Coat so we can guarantee them for a lifetime of regular indoor display.

Rear Admiral H. “Denny” Wisely, Boss of the Blue Angels ‘80-‘81 (flying the A-4’s), has had his custom model A-4, F-4, and the USS America (where he was XO) and the USS JFK (where he was CO) made by Factory Direct Models. “Denny” is the two term President of the Blue Angels Association and a good friend.

We have also done projects for the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL too.

We made an A-4D-2 model for a VA-81 client off the USS Forrestal in his EXACT markings and details too.

Feel free to review our website’s Custom Model Gallery http://www.factorydirectmodels.com/cmm-gallery.html to see our industry leading quality and details and why we have over 40,000 satisfied (and return/repeat/referred) clients worldwide (more than all the other custom models companies combined).

What most people want is Desktop sizing (15-17”). We custom create these desktop sized (15-17") models now in two styles: "Standard Premium" & "Premium Plus".

Our normal price for a customized personalized "Standard Premium" desktop (15-17") mahogany model is $375.00 plus $45.00 shipping direct from our factory to you. This is with the Grayed out windows & no interiors. We are currently running our $75.00 off sale, so your new price is $299.95 plus $45.00 shipping each. The 8 weeks or less production time begins once we receive your completed FDM custom order form and all the details. This comes with the Brown custom stand with your included Stand Logo choice and inscription plaque engraving.

We can also provide the customized, personalized "Premium Plus" desktop custom model option. These have all the features of the "Standard Premium" but you also get Clear Windows and Cabin Details (seat colors, instrument panel etc). These retail for $499.95 plus $45 for shipping per unit. We are running our $100.00 off sale on these for $399.95 plus $45 shipping. These normally take 14-16 weeks or less to deliver. (See below for helicopters in the Premium Plus option). This comes with the Black custom stand with your included Stand Logo choice and inscription plaque engraving. For the “Premium Plus” option for helicopters, please add an additional week in Production and an additional $75 for helicopters due to the elaborate canopy and interior details for this custom option.

We do not do this "Premium Plus" option for Cargo planes or airliners unless it is a ½ Clear Cutaway model. Contact me for details about these and large display projects too.

Some of our clients include Piper, Pilatus, Cessna, Cirrus, Piaggio, Boeing, the US Government/Armed Forces, Bell, EuroCopter and many others. Beyond Military we can also do General Aviation, Helicopters & Airline custom models too. We make every custom project from scratch so you can customize it any way you want, just show us what you want to do. We can also make it in any size/scale too up to 15-20 feet in length or lifesized. When custom creating this you can note the unique details right on the FDM custom order form.

More about FDM’s Custom models and FDM.

As mentioned we have an 8 WEEKS or less turnaround time for our completely customized "Standard Premium" desktop models (Industry average is 6-12 months, for lesser quality & details than FDM),

We send you a photo confirmation of your model for approval before shipping and before we process the final 50% payment.

We can give you a status of your model in production AT ANYTIME, ANY stage because we own our factory and we don’t vendor it out (saving you time, poor quality and poor service).

(Aviators dealing with aviators) All of us here at FDM have either had stick time or have worked in professional aviation. We speak your language and understand your business needs. For an example if you needed something changed on the empennage, we know that’s not the nose or wings. (Scary how others don’t know these kinds of things).

We make your exact plane in desktop size not a facsimile that “sort of” looks like your plane. We work off the original 3PV drawing of the OEM’s so it is done right, proportionate and to scale. We want this model to proudly sit on your desk or your client’s desk from you. We don’t make “toys” for kids.

We request paint codes or chips because we want to be exact. We would prefer not to guess on a bad photograph (Dark Red can look like Bright Orange in shade to sunlight photos). This is not necessary for standard military aircraft.

The major OEM’s and other aviation businesses work with us because we do it right, with on time deliveries, superior quality and great customer services. BTW our products are also guaranteed for a lifetime. We can create tradeshow displays and Corporate HQ displays too. Large Display -http://www.factorydirectmodels.com/cmm-em.html.

To begin all we need is a 50% nonrefundable deposit on a credit card; this generates the electronic order form to be sent to you for your photos & details, in as much detail as possible. (Again we want to make your plane exact in desktop size). Once this is submitted the clock starts on the 8 weeks or less production time for individual "Standard Premium" custom orders, 14-16 weeks or less normally on a "Premium Plus" version for planes.

We are open 9-5 PST (AZ) M-Fri and can be reached via email anytime.

Our Web site is factorydirectmodels.com

Tyrone Wong

Director of Business Development

Factory Direct Models, USA

Direct - 602.748.4518

Toll Free Phone – 866.580.8727 ext. 105

Email – tyrone@factorydirectmodels.com

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