RSAF 143 Squadron

Republic of Singapore Air Force - 143 Squadron

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RSAF-143 patch


David Weber



Moto is "We Dare"


SEP 1968: Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), formed as the Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC) in 1968, and was renamed the RSAF in SEP 1975.

1975: Established with A-4S Skyhawks.

Home Ports

1975: Changi Air Base

Air Wings



Date Type First Received - - - - - - Type of Aircraft:

1975: A-4S Skyhawk.

1975: TA-4S Skyhawk.

1980s: A-4S-1 Skyhawk.

1980s: TA-4S-1 Skyhawk.

1990s: A-4SU Skyhawk.

1990s: TA-4SU Skyhawk.

2003: F-16 Fighting Falcon


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Commanding Officers

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Awards continued

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1972: RSAF begins its purchase of A-4B Skyhawks.

1973: Two Skyhawk squadrons are formed, 142 Squadron, the Gryphon, at Tengah AB; and 143 Squadron, the Phoenix, at Changi AB.

1974: When I was a flight instuctor in VT-24 (Chase Field, Beeville, Texas) in 1974 we had 5-6 students from the Singapore AF going through transition training. I had the CO, Gary Yeo, as one of my students. They showed me pictures of the single- and two-seat A-4s waiting for them back home. "Dwarf"

1980s:The 143 squadron was first to fly the upgraded A-4SU Skyhawk.

2003: The A-4SU Skyhawk is retired and replaced with the F-16 Fighting Falcon.



Unit Photos

1982: BuNo 142900 A-4S 648 parked on the ramp.

BuNo 144956 A-4S 657 parked on the ramp.

1983: BuNo 144956 A-4S 659 parked on the ramp.

BuNo 144974 A-4S 660 parked on the ramp.

1982: BuNo 144974 A-4S 660 parked on the ramp.

Off-Duty Photos

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