Skyhawk proposal for Switzerland

Douglas sales attempt in Switzerland. 1973-74 Swiss government was thinking about replacing the old DH Venoms and Hawker Hunters with an air-defence capable fighter. The competition saw several types evaluated, including SAAB 37 Viggen and FIAT G91Y. At some point McDonnell-Douglas offered to sell re-conditionned A-4s to Switzerland. Publicity booklets showing A-4 in Swiss markings were distribued at Le Bourget Air Show. It is not known if the A-4 was ever tested in Switzerland, but probably not. At the end of evaluation in 1975 the Swiss Gvt choosed the Northrop F-5E Tiger II (which is still flying here BTW).
Nicolas Poncini / Switzerland
25 JAN 2011



R.G. Smith drawing from Vatche Mitilian.


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