IAF North Squadron

IAF Knights of the North Squadron

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Provided by Amos Dor


Provided by Amos Dor


David Weber

Gary Verver

Amos Dor (Flying-Wing Squadron)


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SEP 1953: The "Knights of The North" squadron was formed.

APR 1957: dis-established

APR 1958: re-established

AUG 1970: dis-established

JAN 1971: re-established

Home Ports

1952: Hatzor Air Base

1971: Ramat David Air Base

Air Wings



Date Type First Received - - - - - - Type of Aircraft:

1953: Mosquito

1957: Vatour

1962: Meteor

APR 1971: Douglas A-4E Ahit

1977: Douglas A-4H Ahit

1980: Douglas A-4N Ahit

1977: Douglas TA-4F Ahit

OCT 1980: General Dynamics F-16 A/B Falcon

FEB 1987: General Dynamics F-16 C/D Falcon


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Commanding Officers

JUL 1964: Yossi Sarig

JAN 1971: Lt.Col. Gieorah Goren


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Awards continued

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1953: The "Knights of The North" squadron was formed flying the Mosquito.

1957: The "Knights of The North" squadron transitioned to Vatour fighter/bombers.

1962: Meteor aircraft were added to the squadron.

NOV 1964: Combat operations were conducted, mainly with the Vatour.

JUN 1967: Combat operations were conducted, mainly with the Vatour.

1972: Flying the A-4E.

06 OCT 1973 Yom Kippur War: The Kights of the North went to war flying the A-4E Ayit. They flew 1,136 sorties and lost 11 aircraft.

10 OCT 1973: At this point in the war, the unit had lost six aircraft.

19 APR 1974: Aryeh Dobnov is killed on a combat sortie while attacking Syrian outposts.

1977: Received the A-4H from the "Valley Squadron" which had converted to the Kfir.

1980: Flying A-4N and TA-4s.

1981: The "Knights of The North" squadron began operating F-16A/B.

1988: The squadron upgraded to F-16C/D.

2005: The "Knights of The North" squadron is flying only the F-16C.

Unit Photos

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Off-Duty Photos

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