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IAF - Flight School Advanced Training Squadron

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Provided by Amos Dor


Provided by Amos Dor


David Weber

Avinoam Myasnikov

Amos Dor (Flying-Wing Squadron)


Flight School Advanced Training Squadron (FSATS)


1972: Training Squadron

Note that some Skyhawks flew with a "Basic Training Insignia on their tails" whick consisted of a bird over-layed with a lit torch; separating them from the "advanced training unit of FSATS".

NOV 1994: FSATS was divided into a fighting squadron (Flying Tigers) and an associated "training flight".

Home Ports

1972: Hatzerim Air Base.

Air Wings



Date Type First Received - - - - - - Type of Aircraft:

prior OCT 1972: Fouga Magister (French two seat jet trainer)

08 OCT 1972: Douglas TA-4H Skyhawk Ahit

1972: Douglas A-4H Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas TA-4H Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas A-4N Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas A-4E Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas A-4F Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas TA-4F Skyhawk Ahit

19xx: Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk Ahit


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Commanding Officers

1972: Lt.Col. Ran Goren


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Awards continued

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OCT 1973 Yom Kippur War: FSATS is equipped with TA-4H and A-4H aircraft, and serves as a reserve aircraft source for front-line units. FSATS pilots have emergency postings to various units.

JUL 2005: The squadron is flying the TA-4J and TA-4H in concert with the Flight Training School.

2005: In 2005 the "Improved Ahit" was introduced.

2006: TA-4 Skyhawks are being used to train new IAF Pilots. Estimated T-Bird inventory is 23 to 25 aircraft. Single seat A-4N Skyhawks are also serving in the training area.

Unit Photos

FSATA - 229 Skyhawk parked with other Skyhawks.

NOTE: It is not know what units these Skyhawks were assigned to at the time the picture was taken, they are placed here until the unit can be identified.

TA-4F/J IDF 251, Pic1, Pic2, Pic3.

Israeli Air Force A-4H Skyhawk BuNo 155277, in-flight, 1967-1968. Photographer unknown.

Israeli Skyhawk BuNo 157408, #408, parked on the ramp. Nick Williams

In-flight view of Israeli Skyhawk BuNo 155242, #242, in a brown/green camouflage scheme. Unknown Photographer via W. Mutza

Israeli A-4N Skyhawk BuNo 158726 in a vertical climb. McDonnell Douglas photo.

1979 Israeli Skyhawk BuNo 159803 parked on the ramp. Photo by R.R. Leader, G. Verver collection.

Israeli A-4N Skyhawk BuNo 158726 air to air shot. McDonnell Douglas Photo.

1972-1973: Israeli A-4N Skyhawk BuNo 158728. McDonnell Douglas Photo.

Possible FSATS, A-4N, side number 272.

Off-Duty Photos

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