IAF Flying Dragon Squadron

IAF Flying Dragon Squadron

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Provided by Amos Dor


Provided by Amos Dor


David Weber

Gary Verver

Amos Dor (Flying Wing Squadron)


Flying Dragon

Also known as the "Red Tail Squadron".


JUL 1954: Created as Flight Unit of four PR-16 Mosquito aircraft.

MAY 1956: Established as a squadron.

Date Unknown: de-activated

MAR 1969: activated

Home Ports

JUL 1954: Hatzor Air Base

JUL 1956: Tel-Nof Air Base

MAR 1969: Tel Nof Air Base

1984: Nevatim Air Base

Air Wings



Date Type First Received - - - - - - Type of Aircraft:

1969: Douglas A-4E Ahit
[Page 93 of Shlomo Aloin's book "Israeli A-4Skyhawk Units In Combat" shows an A-4H assigned.]

MAR 1969: Douglas A-4H Ahit [per Amos Dor]

Early 1973: Douglas A-4N Ahit

199? : General Dynamics F-16 A/B


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Commanding Officers

Ami Gadish (KWF)

05 OCT 1973: Giora Rom


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Awards continued

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Received 24 A-4E Skyhawks.

06 OCT 1973 Yom Kippur War:
Operational with A-4N. The unit flew 750 sorties and lost seven aircraft.

10 OCT 1973: At this time, the unit had lost five aircraft.

20 OCT 1973 - Tail No 376: The first modified Skyhawk exhaust pipe, lengthened with a "barrel" like extension, is operational with the Flying Dragon. This moved the exhaust heat further from the tail surfaces, lessening the chance a "heat-seaking" missle would do fatal damage to them.

1990: Operating several Skyhawk variants.

Mid 1990: Flying F-16A/B.

Unit Photos

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Off-Duty Photos

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