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UFFO (Unidentified Former Flying Object)

These Skyhawks we can't id to a specific unit, thousands more Skyhawk images in unit pages.

Unknown Skyhawk with a very odd looking under-wing store. If you have info; email the



Unknown A-4B stored at NAS Kinsville, South Field. Appears to be TW-2 B-200.


Unknown A-4 launched from CVA-63 near Japan, 1962-64.


06 MAY 1959: Bob Lawson Collection; An A4D Skyhawk and A3D Skywarrior launch from the carrier Saratoga (CVA 60) underway in the Atlantic Ocean 06 May 1959.

A-4A BuNo 139941, Modex L-201. Ron Picciani and National Archives.


Variant: A-4C; BuNo: 147825; Contact: G. Verver; Photo Credit: unknown, G. Verver collection; Description: Skyhawk BuNo 147825 tied down on the ramp.


Skyhawk aboard the Intrepid 1960

A-4C, Official U.S. Navy photo. Description: the Sidewinder missile on station 1, illustrates that some Scooter Drivers think "DCM" includes flying with "fangs" sharpened and ready to strike.

Unknown via Don Scott, right front view of Skyhawk BuNo 151167 parked on the ramp without any squadron markings.

Camo painted A-4E

A-4E BuNo.151189 parked in the hangar, from "Boom" Powell. This A-4E, with the Avionics Hump modification, served in a long list of units, Marine and Navy. it went on to serve in Indonesia as TT-0441.

Contact: Gary Verver; Photo Credit: AIRFOTO ©Joe Cupido; Description: Unknown TA-4J carrier approach by Joe Cupido.

Date: Circa 1956; Contact: Gary Verver; Photo Credit: U.S.N.; Description: Unknown A4D-1 being fueled at Moffett Field.

BuNo 156914, assigned to the Navy with a side number of 16. Unit unknown.


24 OCT 1985: Gary Verver, TA-4J launched from the training carrier AVT-16 climbs away.


Unknown TA-4F in-flight.


01MAY1991: Gary Verver, unidentified TA-4J, reportedly from a NARF.


BuNo 155100, in training wing colors. Time frame unknown, either VT-4, 7, 21, 86 or COMTRAWING-1.


01 MAR 1990: U.S. Navy by PH2 Bruce Trombecky. T-Bird taxing at NAS Oceana.

Looks like an A-4C of CVW-9 (NG) just caught the #2 wire.


09JUL1981: Fort Drum, NYY. SGT Marvin D. Lynchard bottom view of a Navy A-4 Skyhawk (TA-4, BuNo unknown) aircraft in flight during exercise Sentry Castle' 8.




1968-1969: Bruce Roemmelt on the CVS-11 cruise of JAN68 to FEB69, CVW-10 was aboard. The Skyhawk units were VA-36 and VA-66 with A-4C, and VA-106 with A-4E aircraft. This one appears to be one of the Charlies.




Y 2007: Richard Lane.  Parked at National Museum of Naval Aviation. Interesting paint job on 010, with "Artic Warrior" on the avionics hump. Under the canopy is the name of a Marine Plane Captain. Where is she now?


Unknown TA-4 with it's nose gear sheared off by a tug with faulty brakes?

JUL 1968: Scooters flying off into the sun set.

Marine Skyhawks we can't place in a unit, thousands more in the unit pages.

Variant: A-4C; Custodian: unknown; BuNo: unknown; Modex: none; Location: Atsugi Date: 1967; Contact: Gary Verver; Photo Credit: Boeing; Description: HC-1 (HC-7) Vertol HH-46A Sea Knight BuNo 150966, UP-61, from the USS Mars airlifts a repaired A-4B/C Skyhawk forward fuselage and wings assembly speeding its return to operational duty and saving barging and reassembly time. Boeing photo #117396


Description: left side in flight view of unmarked USMC Skyhawk BuNo 158426.


Photo by Hebrock via S. Van Aken. Description:  right side view of OA-4M Skyhawk BuNo 154624 parked on the ramp in its delivery paint scheme.


Photographer unknown, G. Verver collection. Left rear view of USMC Skyhawk BuNo 156933 parked on the ramp.


1968-1972: Unknown, G. Verver collection. Left side view of MARTD Los Alamitos or El Toro USMC A-4B Skyhawk BuNo 142891, 5L-5 on the flight line.


Circa 1976 by Harry Gann: Left side view of USMC Skyhawk BuNo 160025 in flight.


Circa 1976: Douglas photo by Harry Gann. Left front view of USMC Skyhawk BuNo 160025 parked on the ramp with a load of practice bombs.

Barbers Point circa 1969 from G. Verver photo by Nick Williams. Right front view of USMC (possibly HMS-15) TA-4J Skyhawk BuNo 154337 parked on the Barbers Point ramp.

LeBourget, France, June 1967, Contact: G. Verver Photo Credit: Nick Williams. Description: left front view of the TA-4 Skyhawk prototype BuNo 152103 parked on the ramp at LeBourget, France. Pilots name below the canopy rail is LT Gary Wheatley.

Harry Gann photo, left front view of USMC Skyhawk BuNo 159471, as she rotates off the runway just before becoming airborne.

TA-4J, unknown, from Gary Verver Collection. Probably an aggressor bird, or a reserve bird hiding out.

Unidentified Military Skyhawks that are wrecks, crashes, or otherwise abandoned.

Unknown BuNo: Crewmen aboard the amphibious assault ship USS PELELIU (LHA 5) extinguish a simulated AV-8 Harrier aircraft fire (actually an A-4 Skyhawk aircraft) to demonstrate Navy readiness on the 40th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Location: Long Beach, CA. Camera Operator: JO3 Alan J. Skripsky  Date Shot: 7 Dec 1981.

MCAS Beaufort SC. This battered Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is one of several abandoned aircraft hulks in use for ground training purposes in a desolate corner of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, in South Carolina.

Abandoned A-4 Skyhawk side no. B-200 in Kingsville, Texas.

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